Contract liquid filling

Due to the flat organization and short lines, we can fill almost all liquids for your company at Ster Hygiene. Want to fill liquids with your own packaging and label? This, too, is not a problem. The possibilities are endless. From a few hundred liters to many IBCs. Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

We can fill almost all liquids for your business. Cleaning supplies in the broadest sense, agricultural products or any other liquid supplies. Contract bottle filling is done to measure at Ster Hygiene. Whatever your personal desire is for filling liquids: we are happy to take on the challenge! Everything is negotiable. A deal is a deal and usually ready for use within 5 working days.

Contract liquid filling in your own packaging

Want to have the liquid filled in your own packaging? That is possible! You supply your own packaging and we take care of the entire filling process for you. Of course, we can also purchase the packaging for contract filling if required.

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We can fill almost everything

Filling and labeling

Want to custom label your packaged liquid? That too is possible! We would love to hear what your requirements are for your own label and think along with you. We can design these ourselves so that you get a beautiful label that meets all your needs and requirements. Customized products.

Why contract liquid filling at Ster Hygiene?

  • Liquid filling is tailor-made at Ster Hygiene;
  • You can have liquids filled in both small and large quantities;
  • If desired, we provide the liquid with your own packaging and label;
  • We take the entire process off your hands, you don’t have to worry about filling yourself.

Small and large volume contract liquid filling

The filling of liquids is done starting from small quantities. The devices we use at Ster Hygiene to fill liquids can be set to the amount as desired. It is possible from hundreds of liters to a large number of IBCs.

Request a quote for contract filling liquids

Would you like to have your liquids filled by Ster Hygiene? Request a no-obligation quote now.