Custom solutions

Ster Hygiene offers a whole range of products based on its own developed recipes. Your company may be used to using a specific product, we can provide exactly the hygiene product your company is looking for.

Within Ster Hygiene, we have our own R&D department that looks at your needs with you. We collaborate with a local laboratory for an exact match of your requirements, therefore we always succeed in coming up with a good new product together. Ster Hygiene has the entire process of analysis, development, testing and production entirely in-house in Dronten.

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Made in our own laboratory

Customization for your brand

Ster Hygiene has deliberately chosen to take control of the entire development chain itself. We choose from a range of raw materials for the products to compose and use to produce your own cleaning product. This offers the advantage that your product is unique and cannot be compared to any other.

Do you have a question about this? Contact us to put together your unique product.

Benefits of Ster Hygiene

The special cleaner is produced by ourselves.

Fast delivery and reliable service.

Special cleaning products can be customized.

You buy cleaning supplies directly and reliably from us.

Inexpensive and fast delivery

Order inexpensive cleaning supplies

At Ster Hygiene you order your special cleaning inexpensively and quickly from 120 liters per product. Please contact us with any questions or advice, or order directly from the website. We usually aim to deliver within 5 business days, depending on stock. Request a free quote if desired.