About us

Ster Hygiëne BV was founded in 2004 and acquired in 2021. Ster Hygiene takes from the past loyal customers and good recipes, for the rest a fresh new start has been made with different standards and values.


The new management is going back to their East Dutch roots. A deal is a deal, down-to-earth and honest. You as the client know much better how your brand should be in the marketplace, so we are happy to leave that marketing to you.

Ster Hygiene BV is looking for customers who want to build a long-term relationship with their supplier in the field of private label cleaning chemicals. In addition, Ster Hygiene BV fills liquids in the broadest sense of the word from small to large volumes.

We partner our R&D with a local laboratory, allowing us to move quickly and make your remedy exactly the way you want it for your wholesale business.


At Star Hygiene, we believe the future calls for new sustainable, sustainable solutions. Not idealistic, but pragmatically driven. How can we make improvements for you as a customer or your customers? Some substances will be indispensable for now, but replaceable in the future.

How can we make packaging, transportation and our products less harmful to the environment? We face that challenge together and will be providing more solutions in the coming time. Do you have tips or see opportunities for collaboration? Contact us below!