For all cleaning and maintenance products

At Star Hygiene you have come to the right place for all cleaning and maintenance products for businesses. We are distinguished by the unique range of customer-specific products. We can make any cleaning product in your own private label line.


Private label

Your own cleaning line with your company’s brand? Private label cleaning products allow us to create a unique cleaning assortment exactly to your needs.


Contract filling

Cleaning agents and all kinds of other liquids filled in the packaging to your company’s liking? From 0.1 to 1000 liters. Also for low numbers.

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The right approach

Professional cleaning products

Ster Hygiene has a wide range of professional cleaning products for daily and periodic cleaning. What you are looking for we offer in high quality. Our standard solutions are suitable for any business, large or small. At Ster Hygiene, we strive to work as sustainably as possible without compromising on quality.

Ready for the future

Professional Hygiene Products.

For industry, car washes, agricultural market and affiliated chemistry, Ster Hygiene offers many opportunities. Ster Hygiene’s industrial cleaners ensure your safety or appearance that your business is looking for. We offer standard solutions as well as customized solutions. We love a challenge, Does your company have one for us? If so, please feel free to contact us.

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Our wide range

Our cleaning solutions

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Developed and produced in our own laboratory

We make our own

Ster Hygiene’s cleaning products are made in-house in Dronten. Upon request, we can always send you the latest version of an MSDS. Because we develop, blend and package ourselves, we can perform this entire process to your liking. Contact us to see how we can help your business move forward.